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  EarthlyLight is now offering a modular course covering all aspects of digital photography especially aimed at Companies and Organisations based in and around the Aberdeen Area. If your Organisation or Company Social Club would be interested in supporting a training course for your Staff and Contractors I now offer a comprehensive 8 Module tuition curiculum which can be delivered on your premises.  

The training material targets all levels of experience - from Beginners, through Intermediate to Advanced. There is plenty of flexibility to arrange the material to suit the needs of the students. Whilst the tuition is primarily classroom based, follow up sessions can be arranged to explain the principles in the field. 

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Typical Class Curriculum

Module 1 - Cameras and Lenses 
Module 2 - Shutter, Aperture and ISO 
Module 3 - Exposure and metering 
Module 4 - Colour 
Module 5 - Light 
Module 6 - Photographic Techniques 
Module 7 - On Location 
Module 8 - Post-Processing

  The cost of tuition is based on the class size and amount of personalised content. It is intended to be self-financing, but can also be subsidised to an appropriate level by the Company. The size of the class is generally limited by the size of the meeting room (up to a maximum of 25). The cost for the class is also dictated by the amount of personalised content and can be tailored specifically to suit your needs. A "standard" set of classes using existing material will result in the lowest cost for the organiser and/or participants. Each class lasts approximately 1.5 - 2 hrs. The class sessions can be supplemented by adding practical on-location workshops.   
  If you would like a quotation or to discuss how Earthly Light can arrange Digital Photography tuition for the people in your Company or Organisation, then contact me using the online enquiry form HERE