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Biography - a bit about me, and my approach to photography!

 Stewart Mitchell, Aberdeen Scotland based landscape photographer

Ever since I first witnessed the slow but steady appearance of a photographic image, developing before my eyes, in the orange glow of the darkroom light, I was hooked! My first cameras were uncompromisingly basic, only recording images when the light was bright, but the negatives allowed me to focus on the fundamentals of creating my own images in the darkroom. Later on, my first SLR was a Zenit-E, a solidly built piece of Russian manufacture, before progressing to Pentax Spotmatic and Minolta SLRs and a range of Tamron lenses. With the passing of time the digital age beckoned and whilst I was initially taken aback by the image quality produced by the new breed of digital compact and bridge cameras, I was ultimately drawn back to the out and out performance advantages of a dSLR – especially when taking images in testing and low-light conditions. I now shoot with Nikon D700 and D800 dSLRs and a mix of Nikkor and Sigma lenses, Manfrotto tripod and head and use Neutral Density filter systems from Formatt and Cokin. I have not given up on film though, as on occasions I still wield a Nikon F100 loaded with Velvia 50.
Stewart Mitchell Aberdeen, Scotland based landscape photographer
My passion is for landscape photography and especially in my homeland of Scotland, which offers huge opportunity and variety, and in the right conditions Scotland can offer up scenes which are the equal of anywhere I have visited abroad. Generally speaking, the primary aim of my landscape photography is to recreate the original scene in the final digital image, so that it reflects what I saw when standing there capturing the scene. The inability of the digital sensor to record the same range of Light as the human eyes, from brightest highlight to deepest shadows, means that the use of graduated Neutral Density filters is usually required to control the amount light reaching the sensor and bring the scene back within a range that can be recorded. The emphasis here is to do as much in camera to get the shot right so that post processing time and effort is minimised. I shoot all my images in RAW so it is inevitable that some processing of the images is required. My general workflow is to import into Lightroom and adjust white balance, curves and exposure then into Photoshop for Levels, re-sizing (if for web) and Sharpening, before saving as JPEG or TIFF.
I am now at a point in my life where, unshackled from the day job, I have the time, the desire and the opportunity to turn my lifetime hobby into a venture that will provide a service to others. If you find the images in these pages interesting and/or the locations inspiring please contact me for details of how I can be of service, be it through print or image sales or tuition/escorted photoshoots or commissions.
Earthly Light Photography has a passion that seeks to be shared!!