Required Information for Licence Quotation

To enable me to provide you with a quotation for licenced use of Earthly Light images, I require the following information from you:

1 - Intended use. Examples are, image on personal or company website, magazine cover, magazine article, book cover, calendar.

2 - Image size. Examples are, Full Size, 600 pixels long edge, 1200 pixels long edge etc.

3 - Distribution. Examples are UK, Europe, Global

4 - Licence duration. Examples are 6 months, 1 year, 5 years, 10 years

5 - Exclusivity. Do you require exclusive rights to the image, or for a specified usage only e.g. greetings card?

6 - Organisation size. Is the image to be used by an individual, a charity, small organisation or a global international?

7 - Reproduction rights. Is your requirement for a single use, multiple reprints or unlimited.

You can receive a Quotation from me by completing this form