Equipment Requirements


Clothing and Footware:

Most locations that we visit will be close to roads or tracks, however robust, waterproof footwear is a must as will waterproof jacket and trousers - even in summer in Scotland, we often experience 3 of the 4 seasons in one day!

Gloves and a hat


A camera capable of operating in Manual mode

Sufficient media (film or memory cards) for the day

Spare battery (fully Charged!)

Camera operating manual (Unfortunately I am not intimately familiar with the operating systems of all the various camera models available today!)


Selection of Neutral Density and graduated Neutral density filters and filter holder to suit your lenses

Polarising filter


A Torch or Headlight will be invaluable at dawn and dusk

I can offer the use of a Nikon DSLR for you to use on the Photoshoot/Workshop. If you wish to use this please bring along an SD memory card to store your photos on.