Full Day Photshoot

As per the half day shoot, the time we have available will be divided between location work, setting up and taking the shots and post processing workflow and techniques. I would hope to cover three or four locations during the day. The final sequence of activities on the day would, out of necessity, take into account prevailing weather, travel time to locations etc. I would like to have established beforehand where your current level of photographic knowledge is and the kind of images you most would like to capture. It is intended as a dawn to dusk session....in Scotland, during the summer months, this does require some stamina, but hopefully will involve a bit of fun along the way! The cost of the full day session is £200, which will include transportation and tuition as well as the loan of any equipment during the session. Food costs are not included, however tea and coffee are. The cost of the photoshoot may be shared between participants. My transportation can house up to three in comfort... four at a squeeze.


How can I Book?

- Contact me to discuss your requirements and to arrange a date

- Click on the "How to Book/Pay" tab on the bottom right of the Photoshoot page and you can pay with PayPal, either making a deposit or to pay in full.