Do I need to be a good photographer to go on a photoshoot?

- What matters far more to me is that you appreciate a good image and have a desire to create one

Do I need an expensive camera?

- No, the principles of good photography are independent of how much you pay for your camera. What is important is that your camera allows you to take control and put it into Manual mode. That way you will decide on how the resultant image appears. You will learn how to use the different modes your camera offers and when to use them.

What if I have a film camera?

- I shoot film too! Digital has the one advantage for quick learning, in that the results can be viewed immediately, any corrective action can be taken and the image retaken. On the photoshoot you will be able to borrow a Nikon DSLR from me and, if you bring a memory card, take all the digital images home for comparison with your film results.

What about transport arrangements?

- I am happy to pick you up from a pre-agreed meeting place and provide the transport for the photoshoot. My transport can safely seat four passengers plus myself however for longer journeys three attendees per session will be accomodated in comfort, four if you don't object to a bit of a squeeze! Transport Info

How does the cost work out?

- For up to four participants, the cost of the photoshoot may be shared.

How can I Book?

- Contact me to discuss your requirements and to arrange a date

- Click on the "How to Book/Pay" tab on the bottom right of the Photoshoot page and you can pay with PayPal, either making a deposit or to pay in full.